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Promotion Foundation of Turkey



TUTAV has carried numerous activities to promote Turkey since its establishment. Our foundation has been nominated “Foundation of the Year” twice.

The “Musical Anatolia” record commissioned by TUTAV was nominated as the “Record of the Year” by the French Academy of Music. The records, “Sound of Anatolia” and “Turkish Folk Sound” also commissioned by our Foundation have won the first prize in Bulgaria.

With the aim of promoting Turkey, TUTAV has published periodicals and books such as IMAGE, Anatolia’s Roads of Culture and Belief and Turks from Past to Present.

  • National Goals and Benefits.
  • History, Archeology, Tourism.
  • Commercial and Industrial.
  • Scientific, Cultural Activities.

Who is Kemal BAYTAŞ?

Kemal Baytaş whom we have lost on 25.12.2021, was a great defender of Atatürk’s principles and reforms.

Kemal Baytaş retired from his office at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1982 and founded TUTAV. Later, on 1990, he founded the Turkey-China Friendship Association.

With his contributions to the promotion of Turkey he has been granted with numerous awards from prestigious institutions and the state, including World Bank, Turkey Association of Journalists, Turkey Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History, People’s Republic of China and the Turkish states.