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Promotion Foundation of Turkey

We carry out historical, archaeological, cultural, touristic, commercial, industrial and scientific studies and projects to promote our country.


TÜTAV - Promotion Foundation of Turkey

TUTAV is a foundation with a broad vision, aiming to further develop Turkey based on Atatürk’s principles and reforms.


Kemal BAYTAŞ, who was born in Elazığ, Ağın, established our foundation TÜTAV in 1982, after his retirement from his duty as the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Our Aim

As the Promotion Foundation of Turkey (TÜTAV), our aim is to carry out studies in the historical, archaeological, cultural, touristic, commercial and industrial and scientific fields in line with Turkey's national goals and interests, to provide external promotion, and to raise our country in the international arena.

Our Goal

Promotion Foundation of Turkey (TÜTAV), which was established in 1982 under the leadership of Kemal BAYTAŞ, organizes national and international projects and activities, publishes and raises our country's reputation with a holistic approach in order to create a positive image of Turkey.





2 million




TUTAV in Numbers

Since its establishment, TUTAV has traveled 1.5 million km across 5 continents, 37 countries, with its own resources and initiatives, without any help or support from public or private individuals. It has performed more than 850 performances.

Germany / United States of America / Australia / Azerbaijan / Bulgaria / Algeria / People's Republic of China / Indonesia / France / Georgia / India / Netherlands / England / Switzerland / Italy / Japan / Qatar / Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan / Lebanon / Hungary / Malaysia / Mexico / Egypt / Uzbekistan / Pakistan / Russia / Singapore / Thailand / Tunisia / Turkmenistan / Oman / Jordan / Greece

TÜTAV - News & Activities

TÜTAV - Associations

Foundations and Associations

Turkey – People's Republic of China Friendship Association

“The association has been founded with the aim of developing the existing social, cultural, economic and touristic relations between Turkey and China through pioneering projects.”


Kemal Baytaş Culture and Art Foundation

“Kemal Baytaş Foundation of Culture and Arts has been founded with the aim of developing the tourism potential of Turkey. Our foundation has realised numerous activities including architectural renovation projects, folk dance performances and culinary culture shows.”